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Your own www-pages in Lintula

Instructions for making your own www pages on the Lintula server.

  1. Make sure that the www server is allowed to read files in your home directory by granting referencing rights to everybody. (chmod o+x ~).

  2. Create a directory called public_html into your home directory (mkdir ~/public_html). Grant everybody referencing rights to this directory (chmod o+x ~/public_html)

  3. Into the directory just created, make a file called index.html and all the other pages that you want. The index.html file will be opened by referencing your web page by URL http://www.cs.tut.fi/~account/). You can create this file by using a text editor on a Lintula computer, or you can create them elsewhere and transfer them to Lintula later.

  4. Ensure that everybody may read your documents.(chmod -Rh a+r ~/public_html).

  5. NOTICE: granting more rights to everybody does not help your pages. If you fail to get them work, do not panic and do something stupid like grant everybody all rights (-rwxrwxrwx). Read the error messages throughly. For example, document not found means that the file is not found, so you may have mistyped the address.

What not to put on your pages

Your pages will be on a TUT server, which means their content must adhere to the terms of service of TUT and FUNET. For instance, these rules forbid use of the pages for commercial and/or political purposes, as well as advertising. Also keep in mind that your pages may be readable through various archiving services (such as Google) for years to come even after the pages have been removed from the Lintula server. Therefore, do not include anything you may later regret.

It is also inadvisable to include e-mail addresses on your web pages, because such get quickly harvested by spammers. It is safer to include your e-mail address in a picture, or in a form that is not immediately recognizeable as an e-mail address, such as firstname.surname(at)tut.fi. Do not include e-mail addresses of other people without their permission.

What to write?

Jukka Korpela has instructions on writing a HTML document.