Compiling TVT version 3.0


The required auxiliary software

  1. GNU make: the TVT makefiles are specific to GNU make and propably won't work with other versions of make.

  2. GTK: the graph viewer program tvt.illux requires this library. An easy way to test whether GTK is installed in your system is to type the command gtk-config. If this command is recognized, GTK is present. The present version of tvt.illux works well with versions 1.2-3. You can check the version number of GTK by typing the command "gtk-config --version".

Downloading and compiling TVT

The TVT software is available for downloading in Section Downloads and examples of the main page.

Here is a typical way to decompress and extract files from the packet:

gunzip TVT_v3.0.tar.gz

tar xvf TVT_v3.0.tar

After this, all the TVT files can be found in the TVT_v3.0/ root directory.

The compilation of TVT is started by typing the command make in the root directory of TVT. After the compilation is finished, there should be copies of all the TVT programs in the TVT_v3.0/bin/ directory. If the compilation was successful, there should be the following 22 programs or scripts in the TVT_v3.0/bin/ directory:

Changing compiler and linker

The default compiler and linker command the TVT uses is g++. You may easily change this by creating a file named comp_settings under the directory TVT_v3.0/Src/ and defining variables CXX and LD in the file. Another useful variable is OPTIMIZATIONS. An example comp_settings can be found in the file TVT_v3.0/Src/comp_settings.example containing the lines

 CXX = g++3.1
 LD = g++3.1

These settings make the TVT compile without any optimizations (-O3 is the default flag for optimizations), using GCC 3.1 as a compiler and a linker.

However, if this is not enough to get TVT compiled, please take a look at the file TVT_v3.0/Src/.makefile_vars and make any changes required.

Known problems

The illustrator tool fails to compile with the GTK version 2.0 or newer. This problem will be fixed in the near future.

Strings in an LSTS file cannot contain hex codes - they will most likely cause a crash of the TVT program processing the file.

tvt.fftool does not compile?

If the compilation of tvt.fftool results in errors, it may be an indication that your compiler does not support full functionality of templates of C++. Unfortunately, there is no work-around for this problem at the moment.

Documentation of the TVT software

Please visit the page to get the newest versions of the TVT online documentation. All the documents available are listed in Section TVT online documentation for the version 3.0.

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