TVT 3.0.1 for Windows


Downloading the software

Now, for the first time, a Windows version of TVT is available. The zip packet containing the TVT 3.0.1 Windows binaries can be downloaded from the link below. For the full functionality of the tool, also the GTK and MinGW Windows run time libraries (DLLs) are required. They are enclosed in the second zip packet.

The TVT binaries are under the Nokia Open Source License (NOKOS) and the GTK libraries are under the GNU LGPL license. Just as the LGPL requires, we also provide the source code of the Windows version of GTK. The LGPL allows linking with non-LGPL modules. The MinGW library is in the public domain. Most of the TVT binaries were built using DJGPP.

The precompiled TVT 3.0 Windows binaries have been tested in Windows 98, 2000 and XP.

You may use any ascii-editor such as Windows notepad with TVT. Also, you may find Windows batch files handy while executing sequental operations on LSTS files.

Optionally, we provide the following two links for downloading the Windows versions of emacs text editor and GNU make. These packets do not reside on the TVT site but the original source of these programs is


The TVT installation process is very easy. Just go through these steps, please:

  1. Create a folder for TVT, for example "D:\TVT\".
  2. Download the zip packets containing the TVT binaries and the runtime libraries and extract them into the folder you created. If you downloaded emacs or GNU make, you may extract them to the same folder as well.
  3. You can find a file init.bat in your TVT folder, that contains the following lines:
    set tvtdir=D:\tvt
    set path=%tvtdir%\bin;%tvtdir%\gtk\lib;%tvtdir%\mingw;%path%
    If the TVT folder you created indeed is "D:\TVT\" then you don't need to change anything. Otherwise, please edit init.bat so that the variable tvtdir will have the full path to your TVT folder as its value.
  4. Enter the DOS promt and run init.bat.

If you don't wish to run init.bat everytime when you are going to use TVT, you can call it (with CALL command) in the autoexec.bat file.

Updating to a new version

Later on, when a new version of TVT is released, you only need to download a zip packet containing new TVT binaries and extract them to your TVT folder (the old binaries will be overwritten). The packet containing the required runtime libraries is not likely to be changed in the near future.

Timo Erkkilä,
Last modifications to this page: Sat Jun 14 10:58:58 EEST 2003