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Some Previous Publications

file article/authors/publiced
pk-thesis.ps.gz Mechanical Verification of Invariant Properties of DisCo Specifications/
Pertti Kellomäki/
PhD thesis, Tampere Univ. of Technology 1997, Publications 218, 210 pages.
Printed copies available from the author, pk@cs.tut.fi
disco_tool.ps A Graphical Tool for Specification of Reactive Systems/
Kari Systä/
Proc. of Euromicro'91 Workshop on Real-Time Systems, Paris, France, June 1991, IEEE Computer Society Press, 12-19
icdcs91.ps DisCo Specification Language: Marriage of Action and Objects/
H.-M. Järvinen, R. Kurki-Suonio/
Proc. of 11th International Conference on Distributed Computing Systems Arlington, Texas, May 1991, IEEE Computer Society Press, 142-151.
icse12.ps Object-Oriented Specification of Reactive Systems/
H.-M. Järvinen, R. Kurki-Suonio, M. Sakkinen, K.Systä/
Proc. of 12th International Conference on Software Engineering, Nice, France, March 1990, IEEE Computer Society Press, 63-71.
iwssd5.ps Action System Approach to the Specification and Design of Distributed Systems/
R. Kurki-Suonio, H.-M. Järvinen/
Proc. of Fifth International Workshop on Software Specification and Design. ACM Software Engineering Notes 14, 3 (May 1989), 581-604.
real_time.ps Modeling Distributed Real-Time Systems in DisCo/
Kari Systä & Reino Kurki-Suonio/
Proc of Euromicro'92 Workshop on Real-Time Systems, Athens, Greece, June 1991, IEEE Computer Society Press, 136-141

On request the following publications are available on paper, postscript, or both:

Author/Request address Title
Hannu-Matti Järvinen/
The Design of a Specification Language for Reactive Systems
Tampere Univ. of Technology, 1992, Publications 95.

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