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TUTUT (Tampere University of Technology Usability Team) has since year 2000 conducted research and development projects for user-centered design of interactive systems together with Finnish industry. TUTUT has several lines of research, including:

  • Consumer products such as mobile services, interactive digital media and web-based services
  • Organisation's internal systems such as applications supporting teaching, administration and communication
  • Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems, in specific their user-centered implementation
  • Automation and process systems, for example contextual design of embedded systems

In addition, TUTUT researches the processes and pragmatic methodologies for user-centered design, as well as metrics for measuring usability according to ISO 13407 standard. The mission of TUTUT is to improve the competiveness of Finnish industry by helping companies build competencies in the user-centered design of different product categories. As part of Institute of Human-Centered Technology, TUTUT team has broad interdisciplinary background and strong skills in both usability and software engineering. This combination creates a solid foundation for reliable and effective cooperation with industrial partners.

It is possible to do postgraduate studies in usability and user centered technology in TUTUT.

Please contact Prof. Kaisa Väänänen-Vainio-Mattila, email kaisa.vaananen-vainio-mattila (at) tut.fi or tel. +358-3-3115-3901.



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