Information for students




Students of the SERA Summer School have the opportunity to obtain either 3 or 1 credit points for participation in the summer school according to the following rule:

  • 3cp for attendance, poster or demo, and learning dairy
  • 1cp for attendance and a short report of the whole course (3 – 4 pages)

Poster instructions

General instructions:
The maximum poster size is 121 cm  x  112 cm. Materials for mounting the poster will be provided by the Summer School.

Report instructions

General instructions:
The short report (about 3 - 4 typed pages) should summarize the main topics of the whole School and what you have learned. The report should be sent to the SERA Summer School email address ( at latest on June 15th.

Learning diary instructions

General instructions: After each days lectures, we have reserved time for the preparation of learning diary. The learning diary can be hand-written or typed with computer and send by email. Hand-written learning diaries should be returned to organizers after the learning diary session ends and will be returned on next day. The emailed learning diaries (as body text, no attachments please) should be sent to the summer school email address ( at latest 23:59 by that day. More specific instructions will be given when the course starts. So, there will be in total 4 learning diaries to be returned for each student. If you cannot meet the deadlines on some day, please mention this to the organizers beforehand.

Purpose of the learning dairy: The purpose of writing a diary is to support learning by guiding your ideas towards critical thinking and reflection. The main idea in writing a diary is to reflect on what you have heard, what key information and insights the lecture provided about its subject matter as well as what questions and ideas the lecture raised for you. Importantly, a learning diary is a subjective view and the purpose is not to give a summary about the lectures but to record what you learnt, what you considered important/interesting, if there was something that you did not understand, if the lecture raised questions or new ideas etc…

Content of the learning diary: A learning diary summarizes, comments on, and analyzes the content of the lectures. A diary should not just be a review of what you have heard during the lecture or set of lectures. It is more about thinking about what you have heard and written down during the lecture. Your thoughts and commentary may be critical or supportive towards the content and point of view of the lecture. Suggested length of each day’s learning diary is quite short due to time limitations. It should be about 1 – 2 typed pages or 500 – 1000 words long. The learning diary is primarily a tool for yourself to enhance learning. The diaries won’t be graded and the purpose of returning the diaries is to ascertain that some effort is put in trying to learn the material presented.