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Doctoral theses

Doctoral theses

Dr.Tech. hat
The doctoral hat.

  Graduating as a Dr.Tech.

The purpose of university research is often also to educate people to higher academic degrees. The following doctoral theses have been prepared in the Sleep and Sensory Signal Analysis Group in Tampere University of Technology so far.

  • Ari Nieminen, Linear Median Hybrid Filters for Nonstationary One- and Two-Dimensional Signal Processing, 1987.
  • Alpo Värri, Algorithms and Systems for the Analysis of Long-Term Physiological Signals, 1992.
  • Eero Huupponen, Advances in the Detection of Sleep EEG Signal Waveforms, 2002.
  • Antti Saastamoinen, Visual and Computer-Based Methods for Adaptive Sleep Analysis, 2006.
  • Alireza Akhbardeh, Signal Classification Using Novel Pattern Recognition Methods and Wavelet Transforms, 2007.
  • Laurentiu Barna, Acquisition Systems and Analysis Methods for Human Originated Signals, 2008.
  • Sakari Junnila, Modern Digital Interfaces for Personal Health Monitoring Devices, 2009.

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