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Ancient web history

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Old objects need to be preserved for new generations.
  Sometimes (but seldom) the lazy updating of web pages pays off

When the World Wide Web was still new and not yet commercialised, mostly universities and research establishments had web pages and they were only browsed by scholars. The visual appearance of the pages was not that developed and content, not the bells and whistles were important. During the autumn 1994 the research group of physiological signal processing in the Department of Signal Processing of Tampere University of Technology co-operating with the clinicians of Tampere University Hospital wanted some web visibility and the first pages were made. As often happens, the updating of the web pages had a low priority and they were almost forgotten. Now this has become a virtue as very few web pages from 1994 are available anymore. You have a chance to see these pages by following the link below but beware, you won't find back as we don't want to change those pages anymore, not even by giving a link back here.

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In 2005 these pages won one of the prizes in the Optinet OY most outdated web pages competition!

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