Visualizing the pitch of polyphonic music signals


This web-page accompanies the paper

Klapuri, A., " Multiple fundamental frequency estimation by summing harmonic amplitudes," 7th International Conference on Music Information Retrieval (ISMIR-06), Victoria, Canada, Oct. 2006.

Audio examples

The audio examples below were analyzed using the proposed method, and the pitch analysis result is illustrated in each case. In the figures, time goes from left to right and musical notes (different pitch values) are arranged on the vertical axis. The color indicates the salience, or "strength", of the pitch estimate. This representation is here called an "F0 gram", since the it combines features from the "piano roll" representation and the spectrogram.

The music samples were taken from the RWC Popular Music Database, described in

Goto, M., Hashiguchi, H., Nishimura, T., Oka, R., "RWC Music Database: Popular, Classical, and Jazz Music Databases," 3rd International Conference on Music Information Retrieval (ISMIR-02), Paris, France, 2002.

Tell me (RWC-MDB-P-2001 No. 25)

Over and over (RWC-MDB-P-2001 No. 36)

Ashita wa (RWC-MDB-P-2001 No. 53)

Together (RWC-MDB-P-2001 No. 79)

Feel (RWC-MDB-P-2001 No. 95)

HORO (RWC-MDB-P-2001 No. 3)

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