Automatic Transcription of Melody, Bass Line, and Chords in Polyphonic Music, examples

Author: Matti Ryynänen, homepage

M. Ryynänen and A. Klapuri, "Automatic Transcription of Melody, Bass Line, and Chords in Polyphonic Music," in Computer Music Journal, 32:3, 2008.

The following sound examples include the acoustic input signal and the MIDI transcriptions produced with the proposed method. For each example, we show a score image of the transcription. The score images are automatically generated from the transcription MIDI files by using Lilypond music score typesetter. Please notice that the notes are not temporally quantized so that the score typesetting could be done unambiguously. The score images give some idea on the transcriptions, but they are not accurate in timing and assume time signature to be always 4/4. The input files are from the RWC (Real World Computing) popular and genre music databases.

RWC music database: popular music

1999 (RWC-MDB-P-2001 No.38)

KAGE-ROU (RWC-MDB-P-2001 No. 12)

Kumorizora (RWC-MDB-P-2001 No. 60)

Miageta sora wa (RWC-MDB-P-2001 No. 70)

Together (RWC-MDB-P-2001 No. 79)

RWC music database: music genre

Forget about It (RWC-MDB-G-2001 No. 2)

Dear John's Letter (RWC-MDB-G-2001 No. 66)

Bjc Fiddle Rag (RWC-MDB-G-2001 No. 70)

Wind Flower (RWC-MDB-G-2001 No. 36)

Lost in My Dreams (RWC-MDB-G-2001 No. 10)