Separation of Sound Sources by Convolutive Sparse Coding

These demonstrations are related to the paper "Separation of Sound Sources by Convolutive Sparse Coding" (Virtanen).

original signal separated component 1 separated component 2 separated component 3 separated component 4 separated component 5 separated component 6
drum pattern 1 sep1.wav sep2.wav sep3.wav
drum pattern 2 drum2_sep1.wav drum2_sep2.wav drum2_sep3.wav
drum pattern 3 drum2_sep1.wav drum2_sep2.wav drum2_sep3.wav drum2_sep4.wav drum2_sep5.wav drum2_sep6.wav
harmonic test signal 1 harm1_sep1.wav harm1_sep2.wav
harmonic test signal 2 harm2_sep1.wav harm2_sep2.wav
harmonic test signal 3 harm3_sep1.wav harm3_sep2.wav
Polyfonic signal 1 skylab_sep1.wav skylab_sep2.wav
Polyfonic signal 2 unseen_sep1.wav unseen_sep2.wav unseen_sep3.wav unseen_sep4.wav
Polyfonic signal 3 muddy_sep1.wav muddy_sep2.wav muddy_sep3.wav muddy_sep4.wav
Polyfonic signal 4 steps_sep1.wav steps_sep2.wav
Polyfonic signal 5 brooklyn_sep1.wav brooklyn_sep2.wav

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