Multiresolution spectrum modeling with sinusoids plus noise

Description of the signal (10-20 second excerpts) Original signal Synthesized sinusoids Residual Synthesized noise Synthesized sinusoids+noise
Blowing In The Wind by Bob Dylan dyl_orig.wav dyl_sine.wav dyl_resi.wav dyl_stoc.wav dyl_both.wav
What a Friend We Have in Jesus by Brentwood Jazz Quartet bre_orig.wav bre_sine.wav bre_resi.wav bre_stoc.wav bre_both.wav
Four Seasons / Spring by Antonio Vivaldi spr_orig.wav spr_sine.wav spr_resi.wav spr_stoc.wav spr_both.wav
Kova Luu by Tuomari Nurmio kov_orig.wav kov_sine.wav kov_resi.wav kov_stoc.wav kov_both.wav

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