Jouni Paulus

Doctor of Science (Technology)
Former researcher at Audio Research Group
Department of Signal Processing
Tampere University of Technology
Tampere, Finland

The public defense of my dissertation "Signal Processing Methods for Drum Transcription and Music Structure Analysis" was on Friday January 8th 2010. (The announcement in Finnish.) After the graduation I left the university seeking new challenges and these pages are left here only for archival purposes.

In the future, it may be possible to reach me via email: jouni<dot>paulus<at>iki<dot>fi.

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The research focus of my post-graduate studies was transcribing the drum tracks of normal polyphonic music automatically, and analysing the sectional form of musical pieces. On a more general level I am interested in audio content analysis with signal processing methods (computer audition) including modelling of the auditory process, feature extraction, supervised and unsupervised classification, higher-level modelling, and more complex analysis algorithm design. Currently I am interested in applying all the methods learned so far in some new problems, so if you have an interesting problem, maybe we could collaborate to solve it.

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BibTeX of my publications.

A demo page with audio examples of the results obtained with some of the proposed drum transcription methods. Not all of the publications are present, but still the examples should provide an overview of the performance of all the main approaches proposed.

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