This web site provides additional material for the manuscript Computational framework for simulating fluorescence microscopy images with cell populations. First, the purpose of Figures section is to illusrate many simulation examples using high-resolution images. Second, in section Simulation tool, freely available source codes for the simulator introduced in the manuscript can be obtained.


Fluorescence microscopy combined with digital imaging constructs a basic platform for numerous biomedical studies in the field of cellular imaging. As the studies relying on analysis of digital images have become popular, the validation of image processing methods used in automated image cytometry has become an important topic. We present a simulation platform for generating synthetic images of fluorescence-stained cell populations with realistic properties. Moreover, we show that the synthetic images can be used for validating analysis methods for automated image cytometry, and for comparing their performance. Finally, we suggest additional usage scenarios for the simulator. Our simulator, with several user-controllable parameters, forms a versatile tool that can be used for many kinds of validation tasks, and is freely available for scientific use at