SGN-3606 Light microscopy in four dimensions - from technology to practical applications. (3 cr)

The Institute of Signal Processing is offering a special course on "Light microscopy in four dimensions - from technology to practical applications" during August 2006.
The aim of the course is to introduce the basic properties of light microscopy with 3D and dynamic options together with, the most relevant to the field, image processing techniques. This course in intended for students and researchers with some basic knowledge of microscopy and image processing.

    NOTE:  This course is also accepted as a postgraduate course.

Time and place:

 The course will take place during 14-16.8.2006; the lecture room is TB223. Please, look the detailed program for more information.

Lectures offered by:

  • Prof. Pekka Hänninen. Laboratory of Biophysics. University of Turku.
  • Ph. D. Juhani Soini. ArcDia Ltd.
  • Ph. D. Jussi Tohka. Institute of Signal Processing. Tampere University of Technology.


  • Professor Ulla Ruotsalainen


  • Homework and exam.

           You can suggest your own topic, but the topic has to be accepted first.



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