Methods and Models for Biological Signals and Images


Juha Pajula succesfully defended his PhD thesis Inter-Subject Correlation Analysis for Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging - Properties and Validation.
M2oBSI group participated in IEEE NSS/MIC/RTSD 2015 Conference in San Deago, USA with a poster presentation  (D. Us, E. Acar, U. Ruotsalainen, "Metal Artifact Reduction Based on Automated Sinogram Segmentation and Adaptive Multiresolution MAP Reconstruction Method").
Juha Pajula and Jussi Tohka won the first prize in the Real-life cognition challange. More information about their work is available here.
Antonietta Pepe succesfully defended her PhD thesis Statistical Shape Analysis in Neuroimaging: Methods, Challenges, Validation-Applications to the Study of Brain Asymmetries in Schizophrenia.
Jussi Forma succesfully defended his PhD thesis Regional Characterization of Reconstruction Noise in Maximum Likelihood Estimates in Static and Dynamic PET: Towards Quantitative Tissue Heterogenity Studies.
Uygar Tuna succesfully defended his PhD thesis Tomographic Image Reconstruction with Incomplete Projection Data.
26.10. - 03.11.2013
M2oBSI group participated in IEEE NSS/MIC/RTSD 2013 Conference with an oral presentation  (U. Tuna, D. Us, U. Ruotsalainen, "Metal Artifact Reduction Based on Multi-Level Sinogram Segmentation and Sequentially Applied MAP-EM Recostruction Method") and a poster (S. Peltonen, U. Tuna, U. Ruotsalainen, "1-D Interpolation Method for the HRRT PET Sinogram Gap-Filling).
Tiziana Zedda completed her master's thesis, "Construction and Testing of a Positron Emisson Tomography Demonstrator".
Defne Us completed her master's thesis,"Metal Artifact Reduction in Sinograms of Dental Computed Tomography".
Mohammad Minhaz Akram finished his master's thesis,"The Effect of Sampling in Histogramming and Analytical Reconstruction of 3D AX-PET Data".
The team composed by Alessandro Foi, Matteo Maggioni, Antonietta Pepe and Jussi Tohka won the first prize for the "Challenge US: Biometric Measurements from Fetal Ultrasound Images" (ISBI 2012).
Summer School on Surface Extraction, Representation and Analysis (SERA), Tampere University of Technology, 5-8 June 2012, see more info at SERA Summer Scool web-page.
Open position for summer worker, see work ad here. The position is now closed.
Mohammad Minhaz Akram finished his master's thesis recently.
Ph.D. Viivi Koivu starts her work in the AX-PET research.
Jukka-Pekka Kauppi succesfully defended his PhD thesis Pattern Classification Methods to Analyze Complex Dynamical Systems: Applications with fMRI, Gene Expression and Radar Data. See photos from the dissertation here.
Enrique Sánchez-Monge Fernandez finished his master's thesis recently.
Harri Pölönen succesfully defended his PhD thesis Quantification of Biomedical Data with Stochastic Parametric Models and Numerical Optimization. See photos from the dissertation here.
Ph.D. Antti Happonen starts his work in the AX-PET research.
Marko Koskinen, Juha Pajula and Jani Viitala finished their master's theses recently.
Lu Zhao succesfully defended his PhD thesis Adaptive Disconnection Based Brain Hemisphere Segmentation in MRI: Applications to Brain Asymmetry Studies. See photos from karonkka (after-party) here.
Jarkko Pekkarinen started working on his master's thesis on numerical optimization with PET modeling.
Enrique Sánchez-Monge Fernandez started working on his master's thesis on gap-filling of transmission electron microscopy data.
Antti Pettinen succesfully defended his PhD thesis On Simulation Software and Parameter Estimation for Biochemical Models.
Marko Koskinen started doing his master's thesis on distributed computing environments.
Juha Pajula started doing his master's thesis Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging Simulations for Natural Vision Research Using Grid Computing.
Jussi Tohka received an Academy research fellow post for carrying out
research on "New neuroinformatics methods for automatic analysis of brain
Mikko Välimäki started doing his master's thesis about designing and implementing a database for neuroinformatics data.
Uygar Tuna has received a four year research student position from The Graduate School in Electronics, Telecommunications and Automation (GETA).
Antti Loukiala started doing his master's thesis DCT gap filling technique for ClearPET™ sinograms 
Lu Zhao is visiting the Alan C. Evans lab in Montreal Neurological Institute until 12th of July.
Jani Viitala started doing his master's thesis in the M2oBSI group at the end of October. He processes hemodynamic time series data in collaboration with the Medical School of University of Tampere.
Margarita Magadán Méndez succesfully defended her PhD thesis Signal Separation from Dynamic Data with Independent Component Analysis.
Margarita Magadán Méndez will publicly defend her PhD thesis Signal Separation from Dynamic Data with Independent Component Analysis on 10th of October 2008. Opponents: Prof. Aapo Hyvärinen, University of Helsinki and José Fonseca, Institute for the Development of New Tecnologies (UNINOVA), Lisbon, Portugal.
Evgeny Krestyannikov succesfully defended his PhD thesis Iterative Reconstruction of Regional Tracer Kinetics from Projection Data in Brain Positron Emission Tomography (PET).
The master's thesis Segmentation of Striatal Brain Structures from High Resolution PET Images by Ricardo Farinha was accepted and he graduated.

The master's thesis Automatic Shape Asymmetry Analysis of Human Cerebral Hemispheres in Schizophrenia Based on MRI by Antonietta Pepe was accepted and she graduated.
M2obsi member Uygur Tuna has been invited as a visiting researcher to IBM Thomas J. Watson Research Center. Tuna joins Charles Peck's research group for three months starting from the beginning of August. 
Evgeny Krestyannikov will publicly defend his PhD thesis Iterative Reconstruction of Regional Tracer Kinetics from Projection Data in Brain Positron Emission Tomography (PET) on 22nd of August 2008. Opponent: Prof. Ir. Johan Nuyts, The Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, Belgium.
The master's thesis Cosine Domain Gap-Filling for the PET Sinograms by Uygar Tuna was accepted and he graduated on 4th of June 2008.

The master's thesis Method to find the biological distributions of kinetic parameters from time series of PET-sinograms by Henna Myllys was accepted and she graduated on 25th of April 2008.
The PhD thesis of Margarita Magadán Méndez is in review. 
On 14th of December 2007 Anu Juslin succesfully defended her PhD thesis.

On 12th of October 2007 Esa Wallius succesfully defended his PhD thesis as well.
Jukka-Pekka Kauppi starts as a Ph.D. student in January 2008.
Ph.D. thesis Increasing Statistical Power in Brain PET Studies
by Image Analysis Methods: Applications for Drug Development by Esa Wallius will be publicly examined on 12th of October 2007. Opponents: Prof. Lauri Tarkkonen, University of Helsinki and Dr. Zsolt Cselényi, Karolinska Institutet, Stockholm.
Photos of Esa's dissertation
Link to Esa's dissertation
Ph.D. thesis Alignment of Cardiac Structures in [15O]H2O Perfusion PET Studies by Anu Juslin will be publicly examined on 14th of December 2007. Opponent: research director Isabelle Magnin, Centre de Recherche et d'Applications en Traitement de l'Image et du Signal, France.
Henna Myllys, Uygar Tuna and Antoinetta Pepe start to do their master's thesis in the M2 oBSI Group.
Institute of Signal Processing chosen as National Node in International Neuroinformatics Coordinating Facility (INCF)
The Academy of Finland has chosen Institute of Signal Processing at Tampere University of Technology (TUT) as coordinator of the INCF National Node of Finland during 2007-2009. The Chair and Coordinator is Professor Ulla Ruotsalainen. More...(in Finnish)
Three group members' master's theses accepted

Liisa Kärkkäinen: Simulating perfusion measurements of skeletal muscle in PET enviroment
Mikko Vänninen: Endosome movement tracking in video microscopy images
Juuso Räsänen: Testing of independent component analysis on the separation of tissues on dynamic cardiac PET images

Students graduate on 18th of December 2006.
New M2 oBSI webpage released.
Juha Koikkalainen publicly defends his Ph.D. thesis at Helsinki University of Technology.
Ulla Ruotsalainen starts her professorship at the Institute of Signal Processing.