CEN/TC251/WGIV - Technology for Interoperability in Health Informatics

The task of Working Group IV (WGIV) in the CEN/TC251 Technical Committee of Health Informatics is to develop standards which improve the interoperability of computerized health care information systems made by different manufacturers. The idea is not necessarily to develop standards from scratch if there are publicly available specifications which can be confirmed to European Committee for Standardisation (CEN) standards or technical specifications after some or no modification through a fast, open process. WGIV co-operates with ISO/TC215/WG2 (Interoperability) and IEEE 11073 which operate in the same areas as WGIV.

WGIV is one of the four working groups of CEN/TC251 Health informatics. CEN/TC251 informs about its activities through official standardisation channels, i.e. national standardisation bodies and through the web pages of the e-Health Interop project.

Scope of WGIV

Standardization in the application of information and communication technology (ICT) to physical (i.e. not stand alone software) medical devices for plug-and-play interoperability at the point of care and to medical imaging device interoperability, as well as facilitating the efficient exchange of device data in all health and social care environments including personal health devices.


The documents of the working group are stored in the CEN/TC251 Livelink server. Access to the server is permitted to the members of the national mirror groups of CEN/TC251 member countries. The national mirror groups can be joined through the national standardisation bodies of each country within Europe. In Finland the national body is SFS.

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