System on Chip Seminar

C++ in SoC Design

Joachim Kunkel, Synopsys

While C/C++ has been used for system level design in the past, it has always suffered from the lack of widely accepted mechanism to describe hardware concepts like hardware data types, concurrency or abstract interfaces. This has made it difficult to share C/C++ based system level descriptions among different groups.

The Open SystemC Initiative, which was launched in September of 1999, represents a major step towards providing a language standard for C/C++ based system level design.

SystemC uses the C++ class mechanism to provide the concepts designers need to effectively design hardware and software systems. In doing so, it enhances the expressiveness of the C++ language while maintaining its compatibility with a standard C++ compiler. Furthermore, SystemC can be downloaded from the Web free of charge, effectively enabling the exchange of system level models and executable specifications.

This talk will discuss the evolution of C/C++ based design tools and flows in the context of SystemC.

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