System on Chip Seminar

DSP-Based System-on-Chip Roadmap to the Future

Yves Masse, Texas Instruments

In early 90's, TI offered capability to its DSP users to develop system logic around the DSP core though "customizable DSPs". Currently customizable DSPs represent more than 75% of the DSPs shipped by TI. Furthermore, the number of cores and the amount of logic and the amount of memory to be integrated in a single chip is increasing. For example, TI is currently proposing more complex processor combination: OMAP is an Open Multimedia Application platform consisting of a DSP core and a Microcontroller core or other DSPs include 2 or 4 DSP cores. In the future, The number of cores, logic and memory to be integrated on chip will continue to increase driven by performance needs, lower power dissipation needs and smaller process geometries. During this presentation, we will analyze the reasons to integrate more DSPs in SOC, we will also look at the different challenges faced by this integration namely the methodology to define and architect such SOC, to develop, validate, and ensure fast ramp-up of such complex SOC and to develop and debug S/W on such complex SOC.

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