System on Chip Seminar

The Adaptable Computing Machine Concept

Paul Master, QuickSilver Technology

To support the future Wireless Internet, a mobile terminal platform is required whose application and network capabilities can be upgraded on the fly to instantly meet the needs/desires of a changing consumer marketplace and the demand for capacity improvements from the operator.

Adaptive computing technology, as implemented in QuickSilver's Adaptive Computing Machine (ACM), is a key enabler to a flexible application and air interface environment. Embedded directly into a next-generation wireless/mobile device, the ACM adapts its architecture on-the-fly, to create a new and specific hardware engine for each task, thus enabling a single mobile device to perform a variety of functions. By downloading software applications - that include hardware descriptions - from the Internet, a handheld device can upgrade/update its capability to add new features or upgrade the air interface.

The ACM is a pivotal technology for Software Defined Radio, enabling a consumer to roam seamlessly throughout the world, staying "connected" via the same single mobile device.

This presentation will describe the features and benefits of adaptive
computing. It will also describe the architecture behind the ACM and the tools needed to program it.

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