System on Chip Seminar

Scalable and Customizable VLIW for Embedded Applications

Andrew Jones and Roger Shepherd, STMicroelectronics

The talk will consist of two parts, a presentation of the STMicroelectronics SOC interconnect technology, and a presentation of ST's customisable VLIW technology.

1. In the past decade ST has delivered a number of highly integrated chips aimed at the digital video market place. A key facet in reducing time to market is the development and promotion of internal standards and technologies which promote low-cost re-use of IP and systems. The talk will illustrate this by describing the development of tools which automatically generate of high performance interconnects, tools which formally prove that an IP integration is correct, and the development of structures which allow the debugging of real-time software involving the interactions of multiple on-chip IP blocks.

2. The ST200/Lx is not just another VLIW architecture. It represents a framework which allows the rapid customisation of a VLIW architecture targeted to a particular application. The presentation will talk about the framework and the ST200 the first instance of an Lx processor.

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