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Monica Lam

Monica Lam

Monica Lam is a Professor of Computer Science at Stanford University. She joined the faculty of Stanford in 1988, after receiving a Ph.D. in Computer Science from Carnegie Mellon University. She took a sabbatical leave from Stanford in 1998 to help start Tensilica Inc., a company that specializes in configurable processor cores.

Prof. Lam's previous research projects include the architecture and compiler for the CMU Warp machine, a systolic array of VLIW processors, and the Stanford DASH distributed shared memory machine. She headed the SUIF compiler research group at Stanford, which produced the most popular research compiler infrastructure in use. Many of the compiler techniques she developed (software pipelining, cache locality optimizations, interprocedural parallelization) have been adopted by the industry.

Prof. Lam received an NSF Young Investigator award in 1992. She chaired the Hot Chips Conference in 1999 and the ACM SIGPLAN Programming Languages Design and Implementation Conference in 2000. She has served on numerous conference program committees including ASPLOS, ISCA, PLDI, POPL, and SOSP, and on the Editorial Board of ACM Transactions on Computer Systems since 1994.

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