System on Chip Seminar

Paul Master

Roger Bringmann

Paul Master is the Vice President of Technology at QuickSilver Technology. Mr. Master has over 15 years experience in managing high technology communications and computer programs incorporating reconfigurable computing, digital signal processing, protocols, and systems. He has worked for Boeing, ARGO Systems, Acer America, and in several start-up companies focusing on multimedia and wireless communications. While at Boeing, Mr. aster founded a new division to bring three revolutionary products to market. These products included a smart antenna interference reduction cellular product line; a reconfigurable computing high-speed protocol analyzer product line for the intranet and Internet; and a communications network test-bed to support the network definition and algorithm development for Teledesic's Internet in the Sky. Mr. Master specializes in telecommunications, ASIC design, high-speed hardware designs and embedded multiprocessor software designs.

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