System on Chip Seminar

Jasmin Oz

Dr. Jasmin Oz is currently a DSP Software applications and research engineer at the Motorola Semiconductors research and development center, Herzliyah, Israel. She specializes in channel coding algorithms and applications, including various aspects of simulation, parallel programming, optimization and definition and development of new hardware.

Dr. Oz brings to her current position and interests a rich experience in diverse fields of academic and industrial research and development, including a B.Sc. in biology (Dept. of Biology, Technion, 1988), an M.Sc. in quantum physics (Dept. of Physics, Technion, Israel, 1991), a Ph.D. in analytical models for wave propagation in random media (Dept. of Physical Electronics, Tel-Aviv University, 1996), and the development of algorithms and simulations for statistical parameter estimation ELTA Israeli Aircraft Industries, Israel. She has published scientific articles, conference papers and industrial research reports in various topics.

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