System on Chip Seminar

Andrew Jones

Andrew Jones is the Systems Architecture Manager at STMicroelectronics in Bristol UK, where he is responsible for architectural specification and modelling of superintegrated chips using the SHx family of cores. Previously he was a lecturer and researcher in Computer Science at the University of Bristol. He is author of a book on the design of high-speed networks and has published a number of technical papers. He has filed over 20 patents in the area of system-on-chip architectures. Jones holds a BSc in Physics and a PhD in Computer Architecture from the University of Bristol, England.

Roger Shepherd

Roger Shepherd is the Manager of Advanced Architecture at STMicroelectronics in Bristol UK. He is responsible for the the Lx VLIW processor project. Previously has worked on the architecture of the INMOS Transputers and the software tool development manager for a 64-bit processor project. He has a number of patents in the field of computer architecture and was recently awarded STMicroelectronics Exceptional Patent Award.

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