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Unfortunately I don't have time any more to update these pages. However, they are retained for the time being as a historical relic to show how the Web looked like in mid 1990's.

If you are interested in the history of City of Tampere, check out http://www.history.tampere.fi/main.htm

Tour of Old Tampere

Note: these pages contain many large pictures, so please be patient if you come thru slow lines...

Some of the pictures are now clickable, for example, you can click on a building to follow a link to more information on that particular building (clicking does not work at the moment, due to problems with server). Most of the pictures just bring a larger version of the same picture when clicked on. For the clickable ones, you can get a larger version by following the link "Full size picture".

Full size picture.

View east over river Tammerkoski. The picture has probably been taken from the clock tower of the Old Church (Vanha Kirkko).

This page will eventually grow into an introduction of the city of Tampere around the turn of the century. It will contain pictures of old Tampere, information on houses, architects, etc. I have compiled the information and pictures from various sources. Many of the pictures are old post cards from my collection. Others have been scanned from various sources. I have included a list of sources. Simply click on a picture if you wan to take a closer look.

The organization and content of this compilation are constantly changing (at least so I hope), so there may be some loose ends, links that do not lead anywhere. If you find one, please drop me a line. This collection resides in the computers of Tampere University of Technology, Software Systems Lab, for whom I am eternally grateful for the disk space.

Hope you enjoy reading this as much as I've enjoyed producing it!

Pertti Kellomäki,pk@cs.tut.fi

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All pictures can be found here. There is more to see on paper (aren't physical books great!).