Rautatienkatu 16

F. L. Calonius 1883, Heikki Tiitola 1923

Picture of Hämeenkatu.

In 1876 Nikolai Bauer moved from St. Petersbug (Pietari in Finnish), bought the restaurant Tampereen Seurahuone and made it into a first class restaurant and hotel. In 1883 he opened a hotel across the street from the railway station. The railway from Tampere to Vaasa had just been opened, so the new building was named Hotelli Wasa. It was, however, commonly known as Bauer's hotel.

In 1907, a law prohibiting selling alcohol was passed. Bauer sold the hotel to three Christian associations. After thorough repairs the hotel Hospiz Emmaus was opened in September 1907, and it soon became the most popular hotel in Tampere. The hotel had to rent more rooms from the surrounding buildings. In 1919, an architect competition was announced for the design of a new large building for the hotel and shops. Kauko S. Kallio won the competition, but the plan was never realized. In 1923 Heikki Tiitola drew a four-floored building that housed more hotel rooms.

Source: trml

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