Hämeensilta bridge

Engineer Brander,1884

There have been many bridges over Tammerkoski over the years. The Hämeensilta of today was built in 1929, and it was designed by E. R. Eriksson.

In 1848 a wooden bridge was built at about the same place as Hämeensilta today. After Kyttälä was joined to Tampere, traffic over the bridge increased. There had also been severe floods that had deteriorated the old wooden bridge. Therefore, the town council (kaupunginvaltuusto) decided in 1881 that a new bridge should be constructed. The first proposal came from the town architect F. L. Calonius and engineer C. Helenius, who proposed to build a steel bridge for 50 000 Finnish marks. The proposal was turned down, however, and finally the senate approved drawings by engineer Brander. The bridge was completed in 1884, and the budget of 84 000 Finnish marks was overrun by about 30%.

The new bridge was usually called "Isosilta" (the Big Bridge), to distinguish it from the pedestrian bridge upstream, which was called "Pikkusilta". After Satakunnansilta bridge was built, Hämeensilta got the name it carries today.

The building of Tampere theatre was erected by the bridge in early 1900's.

Source: trml

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