K. Snellman 1900

At the end of 19th century traffic in Tampere had increased so much that a new bridge was needed. Satakunnansilta was built in 1897-1900, and it was opened in October 1900.

Satakunnansilta was drawn by engineer K. Snellman, who later became the head of the state Department of Construction (Tie- ja vesirakennushallitus).

The bridge has six spans, each span 14.5 meters and it is 12 meters wide. The total lenght is 127 meters. The stones were hauled from Teisko and Kuru, some 20-30 kilometers away, using ships (halkolotja) that usually carried wood around lake Näsijärvi.

On the right hand side you can see a dam leading water to one of the factories.

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Source: trml