Our group has been working with IPv6 since 1997, and as the result we currently have an operational IPv6 network in our institute with some 150 hosts (fixed and wireless), 30 subnets and 7 routers, and these subnets are communicating with the outer world via native IPv6 connections provided by CSC/FUNET. Research work in this network environment has been done with Mobile IP (MIPLv6), transition technologies for the campus network (e.g. ISATAP) and routing protocols (IS-IS for IPv4 and IPv6 has been implemented in our group as part of the GNU Zebra routing software). In addition, practical work has been done with DNS, DHCP and DNSSEC, and by filing feature requests and bug reports for different vendors, mainly Cisco Systems.


Bilhanan Silverajan, Jaakko Kalliosalo and Jarmo Harju: A Service Discovery Model for Wireless and Mobile Terminals in IPv6. Submitted to Personal Wireless Communications (PWC) conference, Venice, Italy, September 23 – 25, 2003, pp. 1 – 20. (PDF, 668 kB)


Sampo Saaristo: Implementation of IS-IS routing protocol for IPv4 and IPv6. TUT, October 2002. (PDF, 279 kB)

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