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Ph.D. Theses

1.      R. Hamila, "Synchronization and Multipath Delay Estimation Algorithms for Digital Receivers", 2002

2.      E.S. Lohan, "Multipath delay estimators for fading channels with applications in CDMA receivers and mobile positioning", Oct 2003

3.      Lakhzouri, "Channel Estimation and Mobile Phone Positioning in CDMA Based Wireless Communication Systems", 2005

4.      Burian, “Reduced-Complexity Code Synchronization in Multipath Channels for BOC-Modulated CDMA Signals with Applications in Galileo and Modernized GPS Systems”, 2009

5.      D. Skournetou, Mitigation of Dominant Channel Propagation Effects in GNSS-based Positioning, 2012

6.      Z. Bhuiyan, Analysis of Multipath Mitigation Techniques for Satellite-based Positioning Applications, 2012


M.Sc. Theses

1.      E. Pajala, ``Code frequency acquisition algorithms for BOC modulated CDMA signals with applications in Galileo and GPS systems'', MSc thesis, TUT, Aug 2005

2.      Z. Bhuiyan, ``Analyzing code tracking algorithms for Galileo Open Service signal'', MSc thesis, TUT, Aug 2006

3.      J.L. Garcia Torrent, “Narrowband interference in the Galileo signal”, MSc thesis, TUT, Apr 2007

4.      D. Skournetou, ‘Delay Estimators for tracking low CNR GNSS signals’, MSc thesis, TUT, Aug 2007

5.      X. Hu, ‘Simulink receiver implementation for Galileo SinBOC(1,1) signal tracking’, MSc thesis,

6.      TUT, Apr 2008

7.      N. Islam, ‘CNR estimation and indoor channel modeling of GPS signals’, MSc thesis, TUT,  Apr 2008

8.      M.F. Samad, "Effects of MBOC Modulation on GNSS Acquisition Stage", May 2009

9.      Antonia Kalaitzi, "Measurement-based Multipath Characterization for Indoor GPS Channels", May 2009

10.  Alexandru Rusu Casandra, “Digital signal processing in global navigation satellite and pseudolite systems”, Sep 2009

11.  Zhang Jie, “Delay Tracker for Galileo CBOC Modulated Signals and Their Simulink-based implementations”, Feb 2010

12.  Bashir Siddiqui, ‘Simulink-based acquisition unit for Galileo E1 CBOC-modulated signals’, Apr 2010

13.  Saju Singh, “Comparison of Interference Cancellation Techniques in Code Acquisition for BOC Modulated CDMA Signals of Galileo Open Service System”, Jun 2010

14.  Nazia Kanwal,  “Vector Tracking Loop Design for Degraded Signal Environment” (thesis in co-supervision with Department of Computer Systems, TUT, Jun 2011

15.  Shweta Shrestha, RSS-based position estimation in cellular and WLAN-networks,  Mar 2012

16.  Victor Juarez-Leria, Timing-based location estimation for OFDM signals with applications in LTE, WLAN and Wimax, 2012

17.  Sara de Juan Silvan, Nomothetic approaches for spectrum sensing, May 2012


Book Chapter


1.      M.Z.H. Bhuiyan and E.S. Lohan, “Multipath Mitigation Techniques for Satellite-Based Positioning Applications”, book chapter 17 in S. Jin (Ed.), “Global Navigation Satellite Systems: Signal, Theory and Applications”, ISBN 978-953-307-843-4, InTech, February 2012


Journal publications


1.      F. Benedetto, G. Giunta, E.S. Lohan, M. Renfors, “A fast unambiguous acquisition algorithm for BOC-modulated signals”, IEEE Trans on Vehicular technology, pp.1350-1355, Mar 2013

2.      E.S. Lohan and G. Seco-Granados, “C/N0-based criterion for selecting BOC-modulated GNSS signals in cognitive positioning”,  IEEE Comm Letters, vol. 7(3),pp.537-540, Mar 2013.

3.      J. Zhang, J. Salmi , E.S. Lohan, "Analysis of Kurtosis-based LOS/NLOS Identification using Indoor MIMO Channel Measurements", early view:, will  appear  in IEEE Transactions on Vehicular Technology, vol. 62, issue 6, pp. 1-4, July 2013

4.      M. de Reuver, D. Skournetou, E.S. Lohan, “Impact of Galileo Commercial Service on Location Based Service Providers: Business Model Analysis and Policy Implications”, Journal of Location Based Services,  Dec 2012, DOI:10.1080/17489725.2012.750018

5.      J. Zhang and E.S. Lohan, “Galileo E1 and E5a Link-level Performance for Dual Frequency Overlay Structure”, ICST Transactions, DOI 10.4108/ trans.ubienv.2012.e3,  Jan-Mar 2012

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7.      E.S. Lohan,  “Limited Bandwidths and Correlation Ambiguities: Do They Co-Exist in Galileo Receivers”, SCIRP POS Journal, Vol.2 No.1, February 2011 , PP.14-21  DOI: 10.4236/pos.2011.21002

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27.  E.S. Lohan and M. Renfors, "Performance analysis of the Rake receiver in the presence of multipath delay estimation errors and Rician fading channels", European Transactions on Telecommunications, Volume 14, pp. 435-447, Dec. 2003.



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