AAL          ATM Adaptation Layer
ADSL         Asymmetrical Digital Subscriber Line
AM           Amplitude Modulation
AMMIS        Advanced Man-Machine Interface for Selection
             Retrieval Service
AMS          Audiovisual Multimedia Service
API          Application Programming Interface
ATM          Asynchronous Transfer Mode
BT           British Telecom
CATV         Common Antenna Television, Cable TV
CD-ROM       Compact Disk-Read Only Memory
CIF          Common Intermediate Format
DAT          Digital Audio Tape
DAVIC        Digital Audio Visual Council
DIAMOND      Domestic Integrated Broadband Communications
             Applications Of Multimedia On Demand
CPU          Central Processing Unit
DTM          Discrete Multitone Transmission
FDDI         Fiber Distributed Data Interface
FDM          Frequency Division Multiplexing
FTTH         Fiber to the home
HDTV         High-definition television
IEC          International Electrotechnical Commission
IP           Internet Protocol
ISDN         Integrated Services Digital Network
ISO          International Organization for Standardization
ITU          International Telecommunications Union
JPEG         Joint Photographic Expert Group
JTC          Joint Technical Committee
LAN          Local Area Network
MARS         Multimedia Audiovisual Retrieval Service
Mbit/s       Megabits per second
MHEG         Multimedia and Hypermedia Information Object
             Expert Group
MIPS         Millions of Instructions Per Second
MPEG         Moving Pictures Expert Group
NFS          Network File Service
No-VoD       Broadcast services
NTSC         National Television  Systems Committee
N-VoD        Near Video-on-Demand
OMHEGA       Open MHEG Applications
PAL          Phase Alternating Line
PCM          Pulse Code Modulation
PM           Phase Modulation
POTS         Plain Old Telephone Services
PPV          Pay-per-view
PVC          Permanent Virtual Circuit
Q-VoD        Quasi Video-on-Demand
RACE         Research On Advanced Communications
             Technologies for Europe
RAM          Random Access Memory
SAA          Service Aspects and Applications
SC           SubCommittee
SECAM        Sequential Color And Memory
SDH          Synchronous Digital Hierarchy
SGML         Standard Generalized Mark-up Language
SNMP         Simple Network Management Protocol
TCP/IP       Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol
TS           Transport Stream
TUT          Tampere University of Technology
T-VoD        True Video-on-Demand
UDP          User Datagram Protocol
U-N          User-to-Network
UNI          User Network Interface
UTP          Unshielded Twisted Pair
U-U          User-to-User
VASP         Value Added Service Provider
VCR          Video Cassette Recorder 
VDT          Video Dial Tone
VoD          Video-on-Demand
WAN          Wide Area Network