Video-on-Demand Overview

               Jari Peltoniemi
         Tampere University of Technology
          Telecommunications Laboratory
                 P.O.Box 553
                33101 Tampere


This report is an overview of Video-on-Demand technologies. It gives an idea about Video-on-Demand systems including services, system elements, and standards. It also presents the multimedia network at Tampere University of Technology, other trials around the world, and some products which are available today.

Interactivity in video distribution is increasing and new ideas for services are emerging all the time. In Video-on-Demand services the user can choose programmes when he wants. ATM technology, efficient compression techniques, and other developments of telecommunications make it possible to offer different kind of services. Many companies develop new applications and offer Video-on-Demand products already. But many trials are required and new standards need to be developed, before Video-on-Demand is within reach of everyone.

Table of contents

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