I am a Ph.D. student supervised by Tuomas Virtanen. My current research interests include auditory scene analysis using machine learning techniques.

Since 2010, I have worked on various research topics related to audio signal processing, music information retrieval (MIR) and speech recognition.

In my master studies, I explored techniques to estimate reflection coefficient of room surfaces using room impulse response. Later, I worked on multitude of projects related to speech recognition and MIR at SensiBol. Details and demos of which can be found in my CV [PDF]. More recently, I was working in a media-tech company ZAPR, where we profiled mobile users based on their media consumption using audio finger printing methods, and delivered the right advertisements to them.

I spent the summer of 2017 as an intern at the creative technologies lab of Adobe Research in San Francisco, USA working on visualization of spatial audio for VR applications.