SGN-22006 Signal Compression Exercises

Exercises - academic year 2017-2018

Teaching assistants
Pekka Astola

To get points students need to show proper solutions to the assignments during the exercise sessions.
Solutions can be prepared either before or during session, however make sure you have enough time to finish.
Exercises will be posted on this page at latest on Monday.

Project work has been posted. Deadline 11.05. 23:59. See below.

Grading info

Exam 0-25 points.

Project work 5-10 points, with 5 points mandatory and 0-5 points for bonus tasks.
Lecture bonus exercises 0-5 points (ask the lecturer).
Weekly exercises 0-5 points, points are rewarded based on the following percentages of overall completion

Project work

Project instructions document


The project work is individual and mandatory.

Send the results to the teaching assistant ( Attach a single ZIP archive to the email.

Deadline: Friday 11.05.2018 23:59.