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I am a full Professor with Tampere University of Technology, Faculty of Natural Sciences, Department of Mathematics. I am not, however, a mathematician but somewhere between a practical programmer and a theoretical computer scientist.

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Please see here for software-related courses in English after summer 2013.

In the past I have taught several additional topics, including: data structures and algorithms, principles of programming languages, introductory theoretical computer science, and verification of (sequential) programs.

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My research

has been concentrated on verification algorithms, methods and tools for reactive and concurrent systems. That has led me to process-algebraic semantic models and to verification-motivated work in data structures and algorithms.

Very recently I have also investigated asymptotic properties of the classic halting problem. This work arose as a spin-off from attempts to explain undecidability to students who have difficulties in accepting the standard undecidability proof. I have also adapted the proof of the classic Shannon memory usage lower bound to a data structure situation where the standard proof does not work.

If you fancy finite automata, please have a look at this DFA minimizer C++ program, this open access publication, and this publication.

The membership I am most proud of is this.

I am very proud of this.

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