Ari Visa

Tampere University of Technology
Department of Signal Processing

Visiting Address: Korkeakoulunkatu 1, Room TF309

Mail Address: Tampere University of Technology
Deparment of Signal Processing
P.O. Box 553
FIN-33101 Tampere
Mobile Telephone Number +358 40 7287969
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Research Interests

Multimedia and Multimedia Systems

Adaptive Systems

Wireless communications

Distributed Computing

Soft Computing

Signal Processing

Computer Vision

Data Mining

Knowledge Mining

Knowledge Retrieval

My Research Team

Lecture Courses at T.U.T.

(8009060 Multimedian menetelmät (spring semester)

(8006103 Signaalinkäsittelyn työkurssi/ (fall & spring semester)

(8006153 Signal Processing Laboratory (fall & spring semester)

(8004202 Knowledge Mining (fall semester)

(80565 New Media Technologies Seminar ( spring semester)

(Adaptive Space-Time Processing

(8001703 Neurolaskenta/Neural Computation (fall semester)

(8002303 Pattern Recognition )


(SGN-5603 Knowledge Mining (1th Period) )

(SGN-2806 Neural Computation (2rd  Period) )

(SGN-9906 Radar Simulation (4th and 5th Period) )

SGN-43006 Knowledge Mining and Big Data (1th Period)


SGN-42006 Neural Computation (2rd  Period)



Selected Research Projects





Selected Publications

See current publication list  and CV

Memberships in Scientific Organizations

IEEE: Senior Member

SPIE: Member

ENNS (European Neural Networks Society): Member

IAPR/TC3 (Int. Association of Pattern Recognition): Past Chairman

Finnish Pattern Recognition Society: Past Chairman

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