SGN-3057 Digital Image Processing II - Exercises 2013


Weekly Exercises

The weekly exercises are given by Pavlo Molchanov (, office TE414.

Times and places:

The students prepare solutions for the problems before the exercises and bring a copy of solutions to the classroom. At the beginning of the exercises they mark on a list which problems they have solved. The assistant collects solutions and chooses one student (or more if necessary) to present his/her solution to the class. Assistant may also check several chosen solutions in the class or afterwards. The students are allowed to attend only one exercise group in a week. Malpractice (e.g. refusal to present a marked solution, mindless copying of other people's answers) results in losing of exercise points for the week in question.

At least 30% of the exercise problems must be solved in order to pass the course.
30% gives you the grade 1 for exercises.
40% gives you the grade 2 for exercises.
50% gives you the grade 3 for exercises.
60% gives you the grade 4 for exercises.
70% gives you the grade 5 for exercises.

The exercise sheets will be published below in PDF format on Wednesday of the week before the exercises.

Exercise tasks

The exercise tasks will be published below by Wednesday of the previous week.
exercise sheet for exercises on 15 Jan 2013.
Second exercise sheet
Third exercise on 29.01.2013
Fourth exercise sheet
Fifth exercise sheet (Hints for the fifth exercise sheet)

Sixth exercise sheet
Seventh exercise. The exercise should be done at home. The number of performed experiments determines the number of points you will get for the exercise (max is 3).

Exercise points

The exercise points will be published below on a weekly basis.

Final exersise points and corresponding marks (updated 29.04.2013)

If you have questions do not hesitate to contact me.

Last updated 29.04.2013