SGN-3057 Digital Image Processing II - Laboratory exercises 2013

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Weekly exercises

The instructions for the laboratory exercises are now available. It is good idea to start working on them as soon as possible.

Laboratory exercise topics

There are three laboratory exercises in the course. You have to pass all three exercises in order to pass the course. Some of the exercises consist of an obligatory part and of voluntary parts. By doing the voluntary parts of an exercise it is possible to get a better grade.

Please check deadlines, laboratory works are given during 4th period.

The exercises are done in groups of two students.

Summary of deadlines

Below you can find a summary of the deadlines of the exercises. Note that you will have to work on more than one exercise at the same time.

April 13 First deadline for "Image Compression Codec"
April 29 First deadline for "Fingerprint processing and minutiae extraction".
May 13 Deadline for "Fingerprint processing and minutiae extraction"
May 13 Final deadline for "Image Compression Codec"
May 13 Deadline for "Shape Recognition with Fourier Descriptors

Note, in some special cases deadlines may be extended by maximum 1 week. In any case, missing of deadline will results in dropping the grade by -2 points

Practices in case of cheating

If a student is caught copying any part of any of the exercises, he/she will face the following consequences:

  1. The exercise is rejected, because work that has not been done cannot be accepted.
  2. It is not possible for the student to pass the course during spring 2013.
  3. If the computers of the Institute of Signal Processing or the Department of Information Technology have been used for the copying, the student loses the right to use these computers for a period of time. The most usual length of this time period is six months. This applies also to those students that are employed by TUT.
  4. Because it is usually not possible to copy an exercise without the cooperation of the author of the original exercise, all the above points also apply to the student whose exercise was copied, unless it is found likely that the copy was made without such cooperation. Everybody has the responsibility to protect his/her exercise in such a way that copying is not possible.

These consequences are the official consequences that are applied within the Department of Information Technology. They are available in Finnish at the department web pages.

Updated 27 Feb 2013