Edge is a Development Group for Programming Education

The Edge group is located in Institute of Software Systems (ISS) at Tampere University of Technology.

Short backgroud

The Edge group is not a project, but a set of people that are interested in developing their own teaching. Hence, the "products" of the group are quite versatile, since many systems used to be implemented to solve a single, acute problem. Often the same problem was solved again and again.

So, it seemed to be nice to share the tools that have already been done. However, the tools do not solve everything. You have to know how to best utilize them, and the first solutions are seldom optimal neither technically or pedagogically. This lead to the idea of forming group that is specialized in programming education.


Name Description Homepage
tutnew C++ library to check dynamically if pointers are used correctly. Homepage
Only in finnish.
tutg++ A gcc compiler-based system for students to make programmin assignments. Includes automatically tutnew, but has also some other features supporting starters. Homepage
Only in finnish.
Style++ A tool for analyzing the style of C++ programs.
The details what to analyse can be configured.
Only in finnish.
Convit (CONcurrent programming VIsualisation Tool) A tool for learning concurrent programming. The tool provides a visual presentation of concurrent programs to user. Homepage
VIP (Visual InterPreter) A visual interpreter tool for learning C++ programming. In VIP, the users can run examples step-by-step seeing the internal state of the program and statement-evaluation at every step. Examples are guided with introductions and explanations during the run.
Because VIP is built on an interpreter, the examples are easily and simply implemented by teachers to support their own materials. VIP runs as a Java applet and so needs no installation besides the plugin.
Further development of VIP is still ongoing.
TiVi (Tiedostojärjestelmän Visualisointi) A tool for visualizing the operation of file systems in operating systems (Unix). Homepage
Only in finnish.
KuHa (Kurssin hallintajärjestelmä) A tool for administrating a course. Homepage
Only in finnish.
Kurse (Kurssiseittijärjestelmä) A tool for making course home pages. Homepage
Only in finnish.

More tools can be found on the page of tool support or local Codewitz page, but these pages are in Finnish. On pages of tool support there are also several set of documents that can be used in education.

Group members

Hannu-Matti Järvinen, Dr.Tech., Professor
Mikko Tiusanen, Dr.Tech., Professor
Kirsti Ala-Mutka, Dr.Tech., Teaching Research Scientist
Essi Lahtinen, M.Sc, Researcher
Suvi Melakoski, M.Sc. Researcher
Kirsi Silius, M.A. Researcher
Antti Virtanen, M.Sc, Researcher
Timo Lehtonen, M.Sc. student, research assistant
Tuukka Ahoniemi, M.Sc. student
Antto Hautamäki, M.Sc. student
Harri Järvi, M.Sc. student

Note that on the above list contains people that are currenlty involved. Many of the tools mentioned above have been made before forming the Edge group and by persons that are not on the list. The documentation of each tool contains the information of the authors.

Publications by group members on Programming Education

International Journals

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International Conferences / Workshops

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Books, Theses

Hautamäki, A. 2006. Ohjelmaesimerkkien Generoiminen Abstraktista Syntaksipuusta. Master thesis. Tampere Univeristy of Technology, Department of Information Technology.

Ala-Mutka, K. 2005. Automatic Assessment Tools in Learning and Teaching Programming. Doctoral dissertation. Tampere University of Technology, Department of Information Technology.

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Demos / Posters

Ahoniemi, T. & Reinikainen, T. 2006. ALOHA - A Grading Tool for Semi-Automatic Assessment of Mass Programming Courses. Demo paper, To be published in: Proceedings of the 6th Baltic Sea Conference on Computing Education Research, November 2006, Koli, Finland.

Other publications

Ala-Mutka, K. 2004. A literature study for developing visualizations in the Codewitz-Minerva project.

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Making the tools have been funded by ISS, EU's Minerva-project (Codewitz) and TUT's Virtual University.