MAT-75006 Artificial Intelligence, Spring 2014, Essay

The voluntary home work in the course is to write an essay on a freely chosen topic that is related to artificial intelligence in a reasonable way. You may choose a topic of your interest (after receiving an ok either from the lecturer Tapio Elomaa or Teemu Heinimäki) or choose a topic from the list of potential candidates (provided later). Appropriate length for the essay is up to 10 pages (using a reasonable font size and marginals) and it should be written in English. The topic is not supposed to be new, but it should not only be based on the lectures. You may deal with a topic that is connected to the lectures, but you need to provide additional information from new sources. A suitable topic is a general overview on a research field, introduction to a specific topic, or something in between these extremes.

The essay must begin with an abstract of the contents. The main content is divided into sections and it ends with the list of references. You need to base your essay on at least three articles and they have to be referenced in the text. Own contributed text and citations have to be separated clearly. Whenever you make a claim which cannot be seen to be common knowledge among computer scientists, it has to be made clear from which source the claim comes from.

The intended audience for the essay is your fellow students knowledgeable in computer science and quick to learn, but no experts on the specific topic of your study. The essay should first introduce the background and required concepts for understanding details of its topic. The essay will be graded on the basis of general appearance, structure, language, and interestingness on the scale 0 - 6.

A short (max 20 min) presentation on the essay may be given on the last lectures of the course. The presentation yields up to 4 extra points. Prepare to distribute some copies of your essay (or its short version) for the audience.

Plagiarism is strictly prohibited.  Do not base your essay on Wikipedia alone.

Deadline for the essay is April 27, 2014. Please deliver your essay to M.Sc. Teemu Heinimäki preferably as pdf file.

Sample topics include:

Methods for dimensionality reduction,
Programming by exampe (programming by demonstration),
Methods for big data,
Decision rule learning (Background, CN2, Ripper),
Decision tree learning (C4.5 and forests),
Ensemble learning,
Modern applications of AI,
Constraint satisfaction problems (reaching beyond the textbook),
Frequent pattern mining,
Weak and strong AI,
Natural language processing,
Visual perception,
Robotics (and particular topics within it),
robot navigation,
multiagent systems,
Condenced representations for frequent sets,
Support vector machines,
Genetic algorithms,
Neural networks,
Planning algorithms,
Probabilistic reasoning over time,
Philosophy of artificial intelligence,
Clustering algorithms,
The EM algorithm,
Unsupervised learning,
Semi-supervised learning,
Data stream mining,
Chess playing algorithms,
Practical applications of reinforrcement learning,
Random forests and their variations,
Regression trees,
Grammar induction,
Probabilistic language processing,
Emotions in AI,
Document topic modeling algorithms,
Instance-based learning,
Speech recognition,
Face recognition.

You can modify the sample topics to suityour own interests, or if you have a specific application that you are are interested in (a game for example), you may consider the application of AI methods to it. If you are uncertain about the applicability of your own topic, please contact Teemu Heinimäki for approval. A short presentation on the essay may be given after Easter.