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For the exercises, you need to have an account at TUT and access to TUT Intranet and an account at Birdland. If you do not have these, contact university's IT Helpdesk in the first case and Birdland administrators in the last case.

Signing in to weekly exercises

You should sign in to weekly exercises in IDLE (Learning Environment). Deadline for this can be found from IDLE. Exercise times are stated here and in IDLE.

Exercise times and places

Exercises are given on weeks 14 - 19.

Teacher Day Time Place
Anna Auvinen Wednesday 16-19 TC217

What is done in the exercises

The weekly exercises consist of homework and exercise occasions, in which we will work through more problems by using IDLE learning environment.

  • Home work is done and returned before the exercises. Deadlines for the homeworks are stated in IDLE ja found in IDLE
  • .
  • Exercise occasions are organized once a week in a computer lab and it takes three hours for each occasion. During the first hour the home work exercises are discussed and during the second hour students do the class exercises in small groups (these exercises are based on homework assignments). The exercises done in the lab are discussed during the third hour.

IDLE's home work assignment pages are introduced on a lecture before the exercises start. The class assignments are introduced at the first exercises.
Everything regarding to exercises, like deadlines, assignments, correct answers etc can be found in IDLE.

Exercise points

Points are given for each returned homework (if you are ready to represent your answers to others) and for each returned class exercise. There may be a small difference between the amount of points given each week. However, this difference is really small. Also, some exercises may be harder than others and therefore some points come out easier than others. The better you have prepared yourself with homework, the better you will do in the class. You must collect at least 40% of total points to get through this course. Each additional 10% gives you one point extra to raise your grade.

Bonus points (will be added to exam points):
exercise points exam points
40%  +0
50%  +1
60%  +2
70%  +3
80%  +4
90%  +5

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