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The objectives of this course is that the student understands the basic ideas of databases and database systems. They know the used terminology, know how to use database management system, create a database, and non-trivial database queries by using SQL. This course consists of lectures and exercises. Requirements are  acceptable exercises and exam. See course grading. Course's person responsible is Jari Peltonen (introdb(at)tut.fi).


24.03.2009 - 05.05.2009
Tuesdays 9.15-12.00 in room TC210 and
Thursdays 8.15-10.00 in room TC210


01.04.2009 - 06.05.2009

Teacher Day Time Place
Anna Auvinen Wed 16-19 TC217


Course announcements

The announcement channels for this course are these web pages. Questions about this course can be sent to course personnel.