Code2001 font – download and test

The Code2001 font contains a respectable collection of more or less exotic Unicode characters outside the Basic Multilingual Plane (BMP). It was designed by James Kass and was declared freeware, but I was unable to find any download site any more, except Code2001 version 0.917 at So I made my copy available, as it is somewhat newer, with added characters: Code2001 version 0.919 (zipped format). Later I found out that Alan Wood’s Downloads has got the newer version, too.

This page also lets you test that you have the Code2001 font properly installed. The page also tests how browsers can render characters. See Guide to using special characters in HTML for notes on the rendering problems.

In the following table, the second column contains some character(s) without any font family setting, whereas the third column contains the same character(s) with a CSS rule font-family: Code2001. Thus, the second column shows the characters as rendered by your browser when using some default font settings. Beware that Internet Explorer (even IE 9) may be unable to render a character under such settings, even if Code2001 has been installed.

Block of characters Sample Sample in Code2001 Code
ISO-8859-1 characters ä ä U+00e4
Linear B 𐀀 𐀀 U+10000
Aegean numbers 𐄇 𐄇 U+10107
Phaistos 𐇐 𐇐 U+101D0
Old Italic 𐌀 𐌀 U+10300
Gothic 𐌰 𐌰 U+10330
Ugaritic 𐎀 𐎀 U+10380
Old Persian Cuneiform 𐎠 𐎠 U+103A0
Deseret 𐐀 𐐀 U+10400
Shavian script 𐑐 𐑐 U+10450
Osmanya 𐒀 𐒀 U+10480
Cypriot syllabary 𐠀 𐠀 U+10800
Phoenician 𐤀 𐤀 U+10900
Byzantine Musical Symbols 𝁆 𝁆 U+1D046
Musical Symbols 𝄞 𝄞 U+1D11E
Tai Xuan Jing Symbols 𝌀 𝌀 U+1D300
Counting Rod Numerals 𝍠 𝍠 U+1D360
Mathematical Alphanumeric Symbols 𝐀 𝐀 U+1D400
Domino Tiles 🀰 🀰 U+1F030