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Documents about the WWW written or recommended by Jukka Korpela. Table of content:

Essential Web authoring material by me

To anyone interested in starting to create Web pages, I suggest the following meal:
cool appetizer: So you want to create a home page?
starter soup: Getting Started with HTML
main dish: Learning HTML 3.2 by Examples (see separate short description of its ingredients).

According to good hypertext habits, the main dish contains suggestions for cheese and desserts, i.e. links to further reading. However, my HTML 3.2 material is fairly old, so you might find links below more useful.

Other documents about Web authoring by me

Web authoring in general

Character problems in Web authoring

Style sheets

Other important special topics

Tools for Web authors

Other authoring issues

Server issues

Surfing, browser usage

Some of my favorite links about the Web

I really think people should keep their personal link lists (hotlists) for their personal use only. But here I will create a semi-personal collection of links to other people's documents. If you like my documents, the odds are that you'll like these too (the reverse might not be true!). Note: see also section Additional sources of information in my Learning HTML 3.2 by Examples.


I have worked on the problems of translation-friendly authoring.

I do not consider writing an HTML 4.0 update of my famous Learning HTML 3.2 by Examples. Notice that WDG has produced a very good HTML 4.0 Reference.

Miscellaneous, partly very sketchy documents:

Old stuff

Old stuff (which has historical interest only, at most) has been moved to a separate page.