Signal Processing Algorithm Group

The Signal Processing Algorithm Group (SPAG) is the leading group in signal processing and digital systems design in Finland. It has been elected an Academy of Finland Centre of Excellence for 2006-2011. The group was also elected as an Academy of Finland Centre of Excellence for 2000-2005.

Signal processing has greatly changed during the last fifteen years. What was earlier viewed as digital signal processing, forms now only a small part of the new concept of signal processing that might be more adequately described as the methods of analyzing, manipulating and presenting natural information.

The emerging technologies are vastly increasing the capabilities of individuals to interact with the surrounding world in a multimodal way. The future of signal processing lies in developing techniques that enable natural interaction using those modalities that are most natural for a human. The key to success, however, is in combining new visions with strong theoretical foundations and understanding the needs of practical implementations.

The Signal Processing Algorithm Group is headed by Prof. Jaakko Astola. The group has steadily grown and consists now of about 80 researchers. The majority of these are researchers and research assistants working in both applied and basic research projects.

SPAG carries out research in the theory and applications of modern signal processing, and has a flexible team structure:

  • Computational Neuroscience lead by Dr. Linne


SPAG is one of several research groups within the Institute of Signal Processing (ISP) of Tampere University of Technology. The structure is flexible and the research topics and sometimes researchers are shared by several groups.

Tampere International Center for Signal Processing (TICSP) headed by Prof. Jaakko Astola is closely connected to the SPAG and other groups in ISP. Many of the researchers in SPAG have made their first contact with SPAG as visitors of TICSP.