SGN-9206 Signal processing graduate seminar II
Fall 2006: Digital audio effects

Course information

SGN-9206 Signal Processing Graduate Seminar II: Digital audio effects

Lectured in Fall 2006, Periods I - II

5 credits

The course is suitable for postgraduate studies

Instructors: Prof. Anssi Klapuri and Prof. Moncef Gabbouj

Literature: DAFX - Digital Audio Effects, Udo Zölzer (Ed.), John Wiley&Sons, 2002, 530 pages.

Lecture time and place

Per I,II: Thursday 14 - 16, TB223

Already scheduled presentations:


The exam will be on Thursday 30.11.2006 at 9-12 o'clock.

Register for the exam in o-info by 22.11.

Presentation slides, exercises, and test samples

Are here.

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The textbook can be borrowed from Anssi, room TF311.

Seminar contents and practical implementation

The aim of this seminar is to study the main fields of digital audio effects, based on the above-mentioned book.

There are many audio signal processing methods that are widely used in audio production and commercial products. Such methods include, for example, audio-specific filters (time-varying filters, comb filters, etc.), sound spatialisation and reverberation, time stretching and pitch shifting, phase vocoder effects, sinusoidal modeling, nonlinear effects etc.

The first lecture is given by the instructor. The rest of the seminar consists of student presentations. Topics are assigned on the first lecture. In practice:


Book "DAFX - Digital Audio Effects," Udo Zölzer (Editor), John Wiley & Sons, 2002, 530 pages.

Table of contents

1. Introduction (U. Zölzer), 30 pages
2. Filters (P. Dutilleux, U. Zölzer), 32 pages
3. Delays (P. Dutilleux, U. Zölzer), 12 pages
4. Modulators and Demodulators (P. Dutilleux, U. Zölzer), 18 pages
5. Nonlinear Processing (P. Dutilleux, U. Zölzer), 44 pages
6. Spatial Effects (D. Rocchesso), 64 pages
7. Time-segment Processing (P. Dutilleux, G. De Poli, U. Zölzer), 36 pages
8. Time-frequency Processing (D. Arfib, F. Keiler, U. Zölzer). 62 pages
9. Source-Filter Processing (D. Arfib, F. Keiler, U. Zölzer), 74 pages
10. Spectral Processing (X. Amatriain, J. Bonada, A. Loscos, X. Serra), 66 pages
11. Time and Frequency Warping Musical Signals (G. Evangelista), 26 pages
12. Control of Digital Audio Effects (T. Todoroff), 34 pages
13. Bitstream Signal Processing (M. Sandler, U. Zölzer), 16 pages

Requirements for passing the course


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