SGN-9206 Signal processing graduate seminar II, Fall 2008
Bayesian estimation and particle filtering

Topic of the seminar in Fall 2008 is "Bayesian estimation and particle filtering" and it is based on selected chapters from the two textbooks cited below.

Course information

Lectured Fall 2008, Periods I - II

4 credits

Suitable for postgraduate studies

Instructor: Anssi Klapuri

Literature: selected chapters from the books

The books can be borrowed from Anssi Klapuri (TF311).

Lecture time and place

Periods I-II: Tuesday 14-16, TB222

Scheduled presentations and slides of past presentations (forgot your password? e-mail anssi.klapuri at

Seminar attendance.


Date and time of the exam will be announced later.

Practical implementation

The first 2 x 45 minute lectures are given by the instructor. The rest of the seminar consists of student presentations.

Each individual student prepares a 45-minute presentation on a topic chosen together by the instructor and the student.

The students act as "opponents" to each other, giving feedback and asking questions before each presentation (based on draft slides prepared by the presented) and during the presentation. Each student acts as an opponent once.

Requirements for passing the course

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