Signal processing methods for music transcription


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Part I   Foundations

Introduction to music transcription
Anssi Klapuri

An Introduction to Statistical Signal Processing and Spectrum Estimation
Manuel Davy

Sparse Adaptive Representations for Musical Signals
Laurent Daudet, Bruno Torrésani

Part II   Rhythm and Timbre Analysis

Beat Tracking and Musical Metre Analysis
Stephen Hainsworth

Unpitched Percussion Transcription
Derry FitzGerald, Jouni Paulus

Automatic Classification of Pitched Musical Instrument Sounds
Perfecto Herrera-Boyer, Anssi Klapuri, Manuel Davy

Part III   Multiple Fundamental Frequency Analysis

Multiple F0 Estimation Based on Generative Models
Manuel Davy

Auditory-Model Based Methods for Multiple F0 Estimation
Anssi Klapuri

Unsupervised Learning Methods for Source Separation
Tuomas Virtanen

Part IV   Entire Systems, Acoustic and Musicological Modeling

Auditory Scene Analysis in Music Signals
Kunio Kashino

Music Scene Description
Masataka Goto

Singing Transcription
Matti Ryynänen