Analysis of the meter of acoustic musical signals

General information

This web-page accompanies the paper

A. P. Klapuri, A. J. Eronen, J. T. Astola, "Analysis of the meter of acoustic musical signals," IEEE Trans. Audio, Speech, and Language Processing, 14(1), 2006.

Evaluation database

Details of the evaluation database used in the abovementioned paper.

Audio examples

In these 99 audio examples, the meter was automatically analyzed using the proposed causal algorithm. Then, the analysis results were auralized along with the original pieces.

It is easy to note that the tactus pulse estimates are the most reliable and that the phase of the measure pulse (as marked by the bass drum) is often incorrectly estimated, as described in the abovementioned paper.

The 99 pieces were chosen randomly among the 474 pieces used for evaluation in the abovementioned paper. In the paper, approximately 60s excerpts from each piece were used for evaluation. In the audio examples, only 20s from the beginning of this evaluation segment is given. This is enough to hear how the causal algorithm converges.

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